Chiroulet – Project 2010

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Project 2010 – An environmentally friendly facility emerges on 4th January 2021

In 2010 la Famille Fezas at Domaine Chiroulet embarked on the next stage towards their dream vineyard: “Project 2010”.

‘Chiroulet’ – the local name for the life-giving wind blowing in over the Pyrenees from central Spain and North Africa, warming the grapes at night and bringing them to perfection at just the right time. 

Now, dreams sometimes don’t move quickly, but even the smallest dreams will never be realised unless you are prepared to take the first steps.

The following 10 years taught the Famille Fezas many lessons which they embraced and incorporated into their original concept, which finally came to fruition in 2020. 

The result, vision and values are a truly exceptional accomplishment for a small producer; a brand new facility for storing their wines, integrated into the site in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Everything has been carefully studied and the best eco credentials followed.

  • A semi-underground construction to take advantage of the grounds natural thermal inertia.
  • A photovoltaic roof of 500m2, making them self-sufficient but also providing a surplus in electricity.
  • The recovery of rainwater into 60m3 storage tanks to irrigate the vines.
  • And being semi-submerged its lower than the winery. So why not also bottle by gravity, without the use of pumps? What a dream!

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